Who are we?


Giraffe training is a symbiotic group of professionals and specialists working together to bring you high quality training from a breadth of disciplines. Each member of the team works together to bring you and your team a bespoke training package that meets your needs.

As society changes our children’s needs are becoming more and more complex, leaving us, the professionals, running to catch up with new diagnoses and approaches. This is further compounded by more demands from government and local authorities requiring improved academic results.

Whether your training need is a simple update in best practice with challenging pupils to a deeper understanding of syndromes and diagnoses or team rebuilding after an Ofsted visit, we can meet you needs.

We have specialist SEMH teachers, NLP coaches, Educational and Child Psychologists and specialists in children’s mental health who enable us to create the perfect means supporting your team members in building capacity and resilience- both in themselves and in the young people they support.

Please refer to our biographies page to see exactly who we are and what we have to offer.